Elements of a Successful Case

  • Strong Evidence or Documentation of Mistreatment
  • Consistency and Reputability in Mistreatment Statements
  • Experienced Attorney with a Strong Track Record
  • How do I know if I have a case that could possibly win in court?

    If you have been mistreated for any of the reasons on the list below and you have both strong evidence and a highly qualified attorney, that may increase your chances of receiving a settlement.

  • How much does an Employment Lawyer Cost?

    Many lawyers do not get paid unless you win your case, this assures that your best interests are aligned with those of your lawyer. This is usually a percentage of the compensation settlement you may recieve, ranging from 5-50%.

  • What happens if I don’t win the case?

    There is an appeals proccess, and your lawyer should be able to tell you more at that point if it is worth going forward with.

  • What type of compensation can I get?

    Depending on the tenure of your mistreatment, the severity and the breadth of it’s effect on your past and future career and lifestyle this can range from several thousand dollars up to the millions.

  • Will my name be in public documents and newspapers if the case goes to court?


  • How do I know if a lawyer is good and will win?

    Assure the lawyer has a strong track record and a strong Got Fired Score.

  • What do I need to do before speaking with a Lawyer?

    You should consider what documentation you have around your case.

  • How long will it take until I get compensated?

    The process may take upwards of 1 year to be complete depending on the speed of the court that you fall within.