Whole Foods Market Faces LGBT Discrimination Suit

Whole Foods Market, purveyor of organic foods, is being hit with a discrimination lawsuit from a former employee, who claims a supervisor subjected her to inappropriate comments and treatment because she is a lesbian.

Jennifer Johnston, the plaintiff, began work at Whole Foods Market in Boulder, Colorado, in 2014. Shortly thereafter, she claims her supervisor began asking inappropriate questions about her marriage to her wife, Kristin. Questions allegedly included asking “who wore the pants in the relationship” and if they had “hotel sex” like heterosexual couples, Fortune reported.

Further, Johnston claims her supervisor asked her to identify other gay individuals or employees and told her she looked “unf***able” on a nearly daily basis. The lawsuit also identifies an incident during a “team member appreciation” week in which Johnston’s supervisor would dress up like her employees. On the day she dressed up as Johnston, she wore clothes that evoked to negative stereotypes about lesbians and which looked nothing like Johnston, according to the lawsuit. The supervisor allegedly asked employees if she looked “dykey” enough.

Johnston is seeking more than $75,000 in damage as well as unspecified amounts in back and future pay, according to Fortune.

Whole Foods issued a statement say it is currently looking into the situation.