Burbank Officer Loses Appeal on Pregnancy, Gender, Race Discrimination

After a Los Angeles Superior Court judge threw out the claim, the 2nd District Court of Appeal has filed an opinion supporting the judge’s ruling against a police officer who claimed she had been discriminated against on the basis of her gender, race and being pregnant.

Specifically, Burbank police officer Cindy Guillen sued the City of Burbank in May 2009. Guillen claimed that fellow officers made remarks that included women “had no business being detectives” and belonged more in parks and recreation, reported the Los Angeles Times. Furthermore, she alleged that a male officer had threatened to sexually assault her, and that when she was pregnant, she was reprimanded for an unacceptable “height-to-weight ratio.”

The appeals court backed the decision, writing Guillen had not provided the necessary evidence that the claimed incidences of pregnancy discrimination showed “severe and pervasive harassment as required by the Fair Employment and Housing Act,” according to the newspaper. The previous ruling on discrimination claims was also upheld, with the court explaining that Guillen had again not provided the necessary evidence to prove adverse actions were taken against her as a result of her gender and/or race.

According to a previous article from the L.A. Times, Guillen’s case was one of five filed against the police department. However, each case was adjudicated separately.

Guillen is one of 15 officers in a department of 157.